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Monochrome LCD


I salvaged this screen from a dead copier. It has a CCFL backlight with a seperate inverter and a 10-pin connector. It has two possible part numbers printed on it: CCL-E145V and 56AAA1357B. I could not find any information on the display itself, but I found the datasheets on the chips and from that figured out the required timing. The display has one M5839B and three M5260 driver chips. The screen's resolution is 192x64. Read more »

Color LCD


This display is part G13752 from The Electronic Goldmine. The datasheet for the screen can easily be found online. Read more »

Driving Graphic LCDs with an FPGA


I'm specifically talking about LCD screens with drivers but no controller, which means that they must be constantly refreshed by control circuitry. Having built-in drivers means that you don't have to provide circuitry to switch the weird voltages that the actual elements need. These screens are available from surplus electronics places and, for a (much) higher price, new from the usual suppliers.

These displays require almost the same signals as a VGA monitor, with a few differences: Read more »

Sirius Front Panel



I recently got a used Sirius satellite radio receiver. It didn't have an antenna (or presumably a subscription), and I don't listen to radio much, so I was more interested in the hardware as parts than as a radio. The front panel looks useful, especially when you take the thing apart and find out that the front panel has an ATmega128 controlling it! Read more »

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