Connecting the USB interface


The NAV200 has two circular connectors: a 14-pin connector for communication signals and an 8-pin connector for power.  Internally the signal connector goes to an 8-pin and a 6-pin header, and the power connector goes to a 2-pin header.

Only two pins on the power connector are used:

Circular Connector Signal 2-pin Wire Color
1 +24V Red
2 Power GND Blue

The USB interface has a 5-pin header which connects to the INMOS link on the NAV200.  One pin is ground (which on the NAV200 is isolated from power ground) and the others are differential transmit and receive pairs.  Use the following table to connect the USB interface to either the circular connector or the 8-pin rectangular connector inside the sensor:

Circular Connector Signal 8-pin Wire Color USB-NAV200
N LIN- Green 4
O LIN+ Purple 3
P LOUT+ White 1
R LOUT- Black 2
S GND Blue 5


On the USB interface, pin 1 has a square pad and pin 5 is connected to the ground plane on the bottom of the board.